St Patrick’s Day Wine Cocktails

12 Mar, 2015


St Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us. Whilst the tradition may have begun as a Christian feast day in the 17th century, today it is mostly celebrated by getting dressed up head to toe in green, drinking Guinness and getting a little bit tipsy. If you’re not a fan of Guinness, we have some rather unusual, green-themed wine cocktail recipes to get you in the mood!

First up we have Something Green, which contains Champagne mixed with Midori liqueur…

St Patrick's Day Wine Cocktails - Something Green Champagne Cocktailsource: Cosmopolitan.com

This deliciously refreshing and easy wine cocktail uses sparkling wine. We would suggest a Spanish Cava.

St Patrick's Day Wine Cocktails - Mint and lemon juleps

Source: bbcgoodfood.com

A fun twist on a very popular wine – Pinot Grigio from Italy.

St Patrick's Day Wine Cocktails - Pinot Green-ioSource: examiner.com


This cocktail recipe uses a sweet wine called Moscato, which can be found in the Southern Rhone and Languedoc Roussillon regions in France and Asti in Italy.

St Patrick's Day Wine Cocktails -Sparkling Green Sangria


source: thismamacooks.com


This tasty cocktail can be made using any white wine, so pick your favourite and enjoy!

St Patrick's Day Cocktails - Cucumber and Elderflower wine spritzerSource: bbcgoodfood.com

The Black Velvet Cocktail

We know it’s not green but it does contain Guinness… this cocktail was invented in 1861 after the death of Prince Albert. Out of respect, a steward at the Brook’s Club in London put the Champagne in mourning by adding Guinness to it. Thus the Black Velvet was born! Here’s the recipe straight from the Guinness Storehouse:

source: guiness-storehouse.com


½ flute of Champagne
½ flute of Guinness Extra Stout

Whichever of these wine cocktails you make for St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to toast to good health in the Irish way – sláinte!

St Patrick's Day Guinness pigPhoto: buzzfeed.com

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