Best Wine and Food Tours for Cruise lovers – Top 5 destinations

09 May, 2017

For many people a cruise is the ultimate holiday, a destination that stays the same yet is always moving, a base amidst the changing beauty of many a scenic port town hugging the sunny coastline.

The Mediterranean captures our imagination as an exotic land of culture and history, good food, good wine, and sunsets over quiet waves. Many Europeans make what could almost be considered a pilgrimage to its shores every year, its very name conjuring up images of relaxation and freedom, of a break, of getting away. Yet it is also synonymous with an exploration, of going somewhere different to home and experiencing a taste of another life.

With so many stunning and unique locations to visit around its 46,000 kilometre coastline, a cruise can be the ideal way to take in a whole lot more than one otherwise might on an average holiday to a popular hotspot. Traveling between ports opens up the opportunity to explore a range of regions and enjoy all the specific experiences that comes with each place, with the freedom to leave your baggage behind and roam unhindered through foreign streets.

For food and wine lovers this is gold. The tapestry of regional gourmet specialities and distinctive wines is so diverse across the seaboard that one must rediscover his sense of taste in every place, a taste not just of another life, but of many other lives.

Here’s a quick run-down of five of the top cruise destinations and what’s on offer there for wine and food lovers: 

1. Barcelona, Catalunya

Gaudi’s vibrant city is the biggest port on all the mediterranean, so many cruises begin here. Catalunya is famous across the world for its bubbly Cava, all of which comes from the immediate region. Priorat is just a short jaunt down the coast, whose black slate and quartz soils are renowned for their intense red wines from Grenache and Carignan.

Priorat Wine, Oil and History Tour – full-day tour from 157€/pp

Foodies can’t go wrong with the gourmet tapas which the city provides no shortage of. Markets such as La Boqueria have a long history dating back hundreds of years and are teeming with local specialities and traditional gourmet fare.

Barcelona Walking Gourmet Tour – half-day tour from 45€/pp

Best wine and food tour for cruise lovers

2.  Marseille or Nice, Provence

The sunny south of France, the classic romantic escape, is lined with beautiful coastal villages producing refreshing, bright, cheery rosé and white wines, a true taste of summer. Provençal rosés are the most in-demand of the genre in Britain during the warm months, but are best enjoyed in their native sun-swept towns

Aix en Provence and Cassis Winery Tour – full-day tour from 650€/pgroup

France never falters in its reputation for outstanding food, and no where is this more the case than on the south coast where the climate provides the conditions for a bountiful array of ingredients from the land, and  fresh seafood from the bordering waters, perfected in the traditional bouillabaise, or fish soup.

Truffle Hunting Tour in Provence – half-day tour from 88€/pp

Best wine and food tour for cruise lovers

3.  Livorno, Tuscany

The gateway to Tuscany opens up opportunities to immerse oneself in the good life of Italy in the land of Chianti, Super Tuscans and highly acclaimed Brunello di Montalcino. Some of Italy’s finest red wines come from this region where Sangiovese is king, infusing the region’s vinos with an intriguing spicy earthy cherry tea character.

Become a Winemaker for a Day in Tuscany – full-day tour from 440€/pp

Tuscan food is mingle of rustic delights, opening a window of taste into something old, traditional, village-like, rooted in the earth and the local community. The region is home to some of the most famous butchers in Italy, firm in their commitment to quality sourced meats prepared in the finest ways, as well as being populated by Antonio Carlucci’s favourite mushrooms, dried here for year-round addition to dishes.

Florence Pizza & Gelato Cooking Class – half-day experience from 38€/pp

 Best wine and food tours for wine lovers

4.  Venice, Veneto

Coasting past the endless Italian riviera, around the heel of Puglia and into the Adriatic sea, the most famous port in Europe appears on the horizon, centuries of high art, liberal living, diverse influences and the masked promenaders of carnevale, make Veneto a birthplace of stories and the wines no less excellent than the culture. Nearby Treviso is the home of Prosecco, the most popular sparkling wine in the world, and the surrounding coastal plains produce renowned Valpolicella, Amarone and Bardolino, highly intriguing and unique italian reds.

Prosecco Sparkling Wine Adventure – full-day tour from 145€/pp

In contrast to the rustic traditions of the other side of Italy, the food in Venice adds a little more richness and body to the palate due to its history as a well-off merchant port. Expect to lavish your taste buds in Tiramisu, frittelle (sweet fried dumplings), and sharp asiago cheese, while still experiencing the seafood, polenta and pasta staples of Italy reinvented in true Venetian style.

Cooking Class in Verona – half-day experience from 90€/pp


5.  Santorini, Greece

Last stop on our top five is a venture into the eastern mediterranean where clear waters surrounding exotic islands hint at paradise. What may be less well known about the greek islands is the strong reputation they are forging in the world of wine, some pundits touting the island as ‘the next napa valley’, whose wines are now stocked at Marks and Spencers. However, a trip to the island itself is the place to find out what makes Santorini’s assyrtiko so special.

Santorini Wine Adventure – half-day tour from 85€/pp

Greek cuisine is a whole world onto itself, a whole range of influences playing upon your palate from the meeting of many seas. Explore greek classics in their native habitat, moussaka, tzakziki, taramosalata, dolmades, baklava and halva, while experiencing island specialities like fava beans and olive oil as well.

Private Cooking and Tasting Experience – full-day experience from 280€/pp 


If you’re looking for some inspiration to get your cruise holiday started, why not check out Winerist’s brand new Cruise Tour:

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Photo Credits – Cruise photo credit: bvi4092 Barcelona photo: Rob Gillies, Venice photo: Kuster & Wildhaber Photography

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